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Alan Owens In Sennelager Germany

Work: A highly motivated and experienced Senior Big Data Analyst With four years College in Applied Computing and self-study in the Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite and Logi Analytics.  I consider myself a proactive, adaptable and conscientious informatics professional with over eleven years experience in NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) supporting primary and secondary medical care.  With a wide variety of developer and analysis skills to support the growth and expansion of any business, I am very adept in analysing business requirements and have an excellent understanding of data mapping, profiling, and normalisation as well as superb publishing skills through reports, web and dashboards while following project frameworks.

Travel: City breaks, Exploring new places, architecture, history, food and live music is how I like to spend my downtime.

Volunteering: As an international volunteer, completed five assignments in third world countries since October 2014, working with web development, logistics, analytics, training, project management, web development and ICT.

Within the UK, volunteer at Quay to Well-Being (Q2W), A holistic approach to improved health and well-being.